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CompassionRocks is a nonprofit organization. Currently we are supporting the completion of the Tara Retreat Compound at the Sangdo Palri Temple, in Crestone, Colorado by engraving mani stones that are dedicated and placed at the temple. Our aspiration is to complete 500 mani stones and raise $50,000 prior to the consecration of the temple by fall 2020.

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Mani Stones

Finished Compassion Rocks stones

Mani stones are rocks, slabs or pebbles engraved with Tibetan Buddhist mantras and images, and instilled with profound meaning and spiritual significance.

“Mani stones have been engraved for centuries in Tibet. For many great teachers like Patrul Rinpoche, this activity has been a way to ensure the presence of the Three Jewels.” — Ven. Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

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Side by side temples

CompassionRocks is currently honored to support the completion of the Tara Retreat Compound at the Sangdo Palri Temple. This building will have five (5) separate, apartment-like retreat rooms with private entrances and decks. This will provide a wonderful opportunity for practice close to the existing temple. We are committed to engraving 500 dedicated mani stones to be placed at the temple prior to the consecration in the fall of 2020. Over 400 mani stones have been engraved and placed at the temple since 2014. We offer you the opportunity to dedicate a mani stone to someone or someone you love. These stones will be placed at the temple. Future projects include education and healthcare in Nepal, India and Bhutan.

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Dremeling a stone

CompassionRocks aims to deepen and enrich the human connections we all share. The stones we engrave are expressions of love that hold profound layers of meaning and benefit. Collectively, they represent a tangible and beautiful way to promote reflection and contemplation for years to come. Join us and feel connected in a way that benefits and serves us all.

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Dedicate a Stone

compassion rocks dedicate a stone

CompassionRocks makes mani stones with love, joy and kindness.

Dedicate a mani stone for any and every reason:

● As a prayer

● For a friend or family member

● In honor of someone you’ve lost

● As a gift for a meaningful occasion

● For a group, organization or cause

● As a blessing for a specific site or location

● What will you dedicate a stone to?

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